2019 Korea Maritime Week

16-17 April, 2019Lotte Hotel Seoul, Republic of Korea

Policy Forum

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Session 1 : Policy Issues (To be held concurrently with APHoMSA*)

  • IMO Technical Cooperation - Capacity Building towards Uniform Implementation of IMO Instruments

    Mr. Zulkurnain Bin Ayub

    • General Manager of Bintulu Port Authority
    • Chairman of IMO Technical Cooperation Committee
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  • Global Sulphur Cap 2020, How to comply

    Mr. Kim Yeon-tae

    • Korean Register of Shipping
    • Executive Director
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  • Energy Transition Outlook Maritime 2050

    Mr. Yoo Sun-il

    • DNV-GL
    • Business Development Manager
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Session 2 : Special Session-Green Ship

  • Green Ship Solutions – Alternative Marine Fuels

    Prof. Kim Hyung-ju

    • University of South-eastern Norway
    • Associate Professor
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  • Marine Plastic Pollution : A Paradigm Shift

    Ph.D. Shim Won-joon

    • South Research Institute at KIOST
    • Director General
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  • Reduction Strategy for PM(Particulate Matter) in Port

    Prof. Kim Hwan-seong

    • Korea Maritime & Ocean Univercity
    • Department of Logistics
    • Professor
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  • Session 2. Panel

    Prof. Kim Tae-goun

    • Division Head of Maritime Transportation Science, Korea Maritime and Ocean University
    • Associate Professor

Session 3 : Technology Issues-SMART Shipping/Port & Maritime Logistics

  • Session 3. Chair

    Mr. Hong Sun-bae

    • Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
    • Head of e-Navigation Development Task Force
  • MASS, Automation and its implication on Shipping Industry

    Dr. Jens-Uwe Schröder-Hinrichs

    • World Maritime University
    • Vice President
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  • Korea SMART Shipping/Port and Maritime Logistics utilizing PortCDM in terms of MCP, MASS and e-Navigation

    Mr. Michael Bergmann

    • Secretary IPCDMC
    • Executive Advisor
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  • Korea SMART Maritime Logistics

    Mr. Shin Bum-jun

    • Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
    • Future Strategy Team
    • Deputy Director
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  • Digitization of ports Step by Step approach

    Capt. Ben Van Scherpenzeel

    • The International Taskforce Port Call Optimization
    • Chairman
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  • Benefits, challenges and international cooperation for implementing e-navigation in the Asia-Pacific region

    Mr. Nick Lemon

    • Australian Maritime Safety Authority
    • Systems Safety
    • Manager
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  • Session 3. Panel

    Thomas Christensen

    • Maritime Connectivity Platform Consortium
    • Secretary General
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  • Session 3. Panel

    Park Kyung-cheol

    • Busan Port Authority(BPA)
    • Director of Information System & Security Department