2018 Korea Maritime Week

26-28 June, 2018Seoul & Busan Korea

Policy Forum

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" Maritime policy and regulations in the Fourth
Industrial Revolution "

Session 1. Policy trends in countries and international organizations for the fourth industrial revolution

  • 1-1. IMO’s response to the fourth industrial revolution and its future direction

    Javier Yasnikouski

    • Technical Officer
    • Subdivision for Operational Safety and Human Element, IMO
  • 1-2. ISO’s response to the fourth industrial revolution and its future policy direction

    Xiaofeng WU

    • Senior Analyst
    • Shipbuilding Information Center of China (SICC)
  • 1-3. Policy trends in Korea for the fourth industrial revolution

    Kyung Ho Lee

    • Professor
    • Inha University

Session 2. Fourth industrial revolution technology development in the shipping sector and industry’s investment trends

  • 2-2. MCP: The Connectivity Platform for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Maritime Sector

    Jin Hyoung Park

    • Head of Systems Engineering Management Team
    • SMART-Navigation Project Office, KRISO
  • 2-3. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in the maritime sector

    David Willems

    • Head of Business Development

Session 3. Challenges and tasks confronting the maritime sector following the proliferation of fourth industrial revolution

  • 3-1. MASS

    Kwangil Lee

    • Professor
    • Korea Maritime and Ocean University
  • 3-3. MASS-Future Regulatory Regime

    Dr. Rolf Skjong

    • Chief Scientist
    • DNV GL