2018 Korea Maritime Week

26-28 June, 2018Seoul & Busan Korea

Ballast Water Forum

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" Challenges and tasks for the smooth implementation
of the Ballast Water Convention "

Session 1. Challenges and Tasks of IMO and U.S. for Soft Landing of BWMC

  • Chair

    Mr. Kyoung-soon Shin

    • KIOST
  • 1-1. Latest developments at IMO regarding the BWM Convention

    Mr. Tianbing Huang

    • Acting Deputy Director
    • Marine Environment Division, IMO
  • 1-2. BWMC issues and discussion at PPR

    Mr. Sveinung Oftedal

    • Specialist Director
    • Norwegian Maritime Authority
  • 1-3. The Experience-Building Phase Associated with the Ballast Water Management Convention

    Mr. Colin Henein

    • Manager / Senior Policy Advisor
    • International Marine Policy / Transport Canada

Session 2. Challenges and Tasks of Member States for Soft Landing of BWMC

  • Chair

    Mr. Sok-hun Kim

    • Deputy Director
    • Maritime Safety Policy Division of MOF
  • 2-1. U. S. Coast Guard Compliance With BWMS in the US Ports

    Capt. Jennifer Williams

    • Director of Inspections and Compliance
    • U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 2-2. Ballast water policies and challenges in Singapore

    Capt. Daknashamoorthy Ganasen

    • Director (Shipping) / Director of Marine
    • Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
  • 2-3. Ballast water policies and challenges in Austria

    Dr. Peter Stoutjesdijk

    • Director, Aquatics Section
    • Animal Biosecurity Branch, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Session 3. Challenges and Tasks of Industries for Soft Landing of BWMC

  • Chair

    Mr. Mike JW Lee

    • Executive Director
    • Techcross Inc. / KBWC
  • 3-1. Comparison of BWMS type approval – BWMS Code vs 46 CFR 162.060 (USCG)

    Mr. Myung-baek Shon

    • Senior Surveyor, Ph.D. Oceanographic-Marine biology
    • Korean Register
  • 3-2. Challenges and Tasks of Shipping Industries

    Mr. Tim Wilkins

    • Environmental Director / Regional Manager Asia-Pacific
  • 3-3. An Overview of the Implementation of the BWMC in Europe

    Mr. Alfonso Cebollero

    • Chief executive in North Asia
    • ECCK Marine & Shipbuilding Committee Chairman
  • 3-4. Ballast Water Management System in the Republic of Korea

    Mr. James(Seungha) Han

    • Deputy head of department
    • Panasia Co.,Ltd