2018 Korea Maritime Week

26-28 June, 2018Seoul & Busan Korea

Academy Forum

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" Challenges in the International Maritime Sector "

Session 1. Challenges in the maritime policy for eco-friendly ships and ports

  • 1-1. Model-Centric Design and development for eco-friendly smart ships

    Dr. Kevin Koosup Yum

    • Research Scientist
    • SINTEF Ocean
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  • 1-2. Application of Eco-friendly Ship Solutions

    Mr. Hong-Ryeul Ryu

    • Vice President
    • Hyundai Heavy Industries CO.Ltd
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  • 1-3. R&D Planning for a Smart and Autonomous Surface Ship in Korea

    Dr. Jin Kim

    • Principal Researcher
    • Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO)
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Session 2. Challenges in maritime safety: cyber security policy and tasks for next generation automation

  • 2-1. Cyber security of marine communication and technology application

    Mr. Lars Robert Pedersen

    • Deputy Secretary General
    • BIMCO
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  • 2-2. Implementation of IMO cyber security guidelines and tasks ahead

    Dr. Jong Woo Ahn

    • Senior Surveyor
    • Korean Register
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  • 2-3. What is cyber attack? Implications for future cyber-security policy debate

    Dr. Maxwell Young Joo

    • SJD
    • Washington College of Law
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Session 3. Challenges in the marine environment

  • 3-1. Latest developments at IMO regarding the AFS Convention, Biofouling Guidelines & the GloFouling Project

    Mr. Tianbing Huang

    • Acting Deputy Director
    • Marine Environment Division, IMO
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  • 3-2. Modern Anti-fouling Systems and Biofouling Management on Tankers

    Mr. Tim Wilkins

    • Environmental Director / Regional Manager Asia-Pacific
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  • 3-3. A Multi-disciplinary Marine Coating Research Program

    Dr. Inwon Lee

    • Professor
    • Pusan National University
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